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The iPhone 5s was the flagship iPhone product until the iPhone 6 was released in September 2014 - it is the most powerful model of the older iPhones and can now be had at a much cheaper rate from most UK networks due to it not being the newest model anymore. However, it is still a powerful smartphone and is capable of running the most recent Apple iOS operating system with ease.

The iPhone 5s was an incremental update on it's predecessor the iPhone 5 and replaced it entirely. This is the reason that you will rarely find the old iphone 5 on sale with a contract at all any more. So if you need a great smartphone but do not care whether it's the very latest model, then grab one of these deals today.

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The hardware specifications of the iPhone 5s represented the peak of Apple engineering in a phone, that is until the iPhone 6 was recently released. However as there have been reports of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus case bending slighly when carried in a pocket - the iPhone 5s may be your best bet as it has an extremely sturdy casing.

Also, this smartphone has stood the test of time and is so well liked by fans that many people did not upgrade to the iPhone 6. Rather they hung onto their beloved iPhone 5s. Tall, dark and handsome - the iPhone 5s is a keeper!

It's sleek physical design coupled with a retina screen and powerful process, make it the current King of Sturdy Cased iPhones!

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