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Cheap iPhone 6 deals may be on the horizon, but you can't get more value than with a cheap iPhone 4s deal. The iPhone 4s features solid hardware and is almost indestructibe compared to the more recent and slightly more delicate models. Today's list of fresh iPhone 4s deals from the networks features a winner that is in our Today's Top 10 list of iPhone deals.

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The iPhone 4s had more memory and a faster processor tan it's predecessor the iPhone 4. It was, however the last iPhone that Steve Jobs personally approved before he sadly passed away. It strongly represents the original vision of the iPhone and the hardware is in no way out of date or obsolete. It can stil run the latest version of the iPhone operating system (iOS 8.2 at the time of writing) without any glitches or problems. In fact the iOS 8.2 release had some iPhone 4s specific bug fixes in it to speed up the phone. This shows that Apple still support their trusty old iPhone 4s!

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